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Curves Member Success Stories

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Theresa Howell

Pounds lost: 104
Dress sizes lost: 22 to 4

“As the pounds and inches dropped, my self-esteem rose. I feel more comfortable with myself and am making new friends. I’m more outgoing, and I hear myself laughing more often.”

Teresa Howell Before
Teresa Howell After

Teresa Howell knew it was time to do something about her weight when giving up a trip to Hawaii was less painful than the thought of wearing a swim suit in Hawaii. At 234 pounds, she had been diagnosed with high blood pressure a severe depression. That is when her neighbor convinced her to join Curves. “We agreed to work out together so that we had someone else to be accountable to and a lot less likely to cheat (by “we” I mean “me”), Teresa recounts." She really never liked exercising so she was amazed when she started craving her morning exercise routine at Curves. When she started to see results she enrolled in the Six Week Solution. As the pounds and inches decreased, her self esteem increased. Teresa was making friends and felt more comfortable with herself then ever. In fact, she enjoyed Curves so much that she started working at her club as a fitness coach. Teresa says, “I love sharing my successes and sharing in the successes of our members and my many new friends.”

Betty Radde
Pounds Lost: 154
Inches Lost: 88
Dress Sizes Lost: 16

"I have more energy than I can ever remember. I love going out dancing with friends, and I even go roller skating with my grandchildren. I never would have been able to enjoy life the way I do now, if it wasn’t for the encouragement I got at Curves."

Betty Radde Before
Betty Radde After

As a wife and mother of six, Betty Radde struggled with her weight. Then in 1997 she tragically lost her husband of forty one years in a car accident. She turned to alcohol and food to cope with her depression and before she knew it her weight had skyrocketed to three hundred and eight pounds and she had developed high blood pressure. Finally in 2004 Betty decided that she needed to lose the weight and get healthy. She saw an advertisement for Curves one day and wondered if our program would work for her? At the age of sixty-seven, she decided to give it a try. "There was so much encouragement from so many people at Curves. I became less depressed, and had so much more energy." Since she joined Curves, Betty has lost one hundred and fifty four pounds.